Happy parents, happy children


Sharne & Rick; Aaron 19 months

My husband and I had not had a full nights sleep in 19 months. Sleep deprivation was killing us until we met Claudine. She helped us train our son to sleep through which we thought was never going to be possible. My husband was very skeptical and Claudine proved to him that sleeping through the night was possible and it took less then a week. She is so kind and caring and is always there to help when you need her. She is absolutely amazing. We highly recommend her to anyone who is battling sleep deprivation. With her help a full nights sleep is just around the corner. 

Beth & Mario; Alejo 2.5 years

Claudine's advice and counsel helped us overcome a sleep regression in a very trying moment. We were so grateful for her thoughtful and deeply researched approach, which put us at ease even at difficult points in the process. I always found comfort in speaking with Claudine about nuances and doubts. She was highly accessible and responsive -- understanding of the urgency that a mother feels when in doubt. Indeed, with the uncertainty of parenting, it's so valuable to have a real expert coach who can guide you through challenges. After our program with Claudine, we saw a dramatic turnaround in the quality of all of our sleeps -- and our lives! 

Sara & Magnus; Sayf 7 months


Claudine is a life saver! Her gentle yet confident approach empowers parents to make the best choices for their family. She is knowledgeable, accessible and supportive.
Her technique allowed us to train our son at six months old to gain the confidence needed to self soothe despite a strenuous travel schedule.

Thank you Claudine for choosing to share your knowledge and experience with us. We are GRATEFUL

Hayley; Finlay 4 months

Everyone in our family now sleeps so much better! But most importantly our 4 month old son is finally getting the sleep that he needs thanks to Claudine's customised sleep program. I used to dread nap time and the inevitable rocking, placing, crying, repetitive cycle it had become that could go on for 45 minutes or more and would only end up in a 20 min catnap and a very bad back! Bed time was easier, Finlay would sleep for 7-8 hours and I thought this was pretty good for a 4 month old. However, Fin now sleeps regularly through the night (around 11 hours) and has 3 decent naps that are between an hour to 2 hours in length and he goes to sleep on his own without any help from me. He is so happy during his awake time and we both now really enjoy our little nap routine. I feel like this is the most valuable gift I have ever given my son and I would highly recommend Claudine to anyone considering sleep training with their children. Stick to the plan and it really works! 

Carlien; Carla 2 years & Henco 12 weeks


If I could rate Claudine it would be a thousand stars.
1. She is super professional but also personal and gave us confidence as parents that we could do it!
2. She sat down with us, talked to us in a language that we could understand and answered all our questions and adressed our fears. ESPECIALLY the fear of a child continous crying - which never happened!!!!
3. Her approach in her program is super soft and easy and because it runs over 10 days, our LO was at ease with the chsnges we made.
4. She also reviewed our daily routine - I honstly thought we had a good one 🙈🙈🙈 and suggested a few simple changes which we implemented:
1. Our 2 year old daughter starts to sleep on her own without our help - it takes 2 minutes then she sleeps
2. She has one blanky ( cloth) instead of a thousand and it stays in her bed.
3. Our LO is sleeping earlier but longer? Amazing!!
4. Our LO EAT WELL - all her food and not picky anymore
5. Our LO is not moody anymore because she sleeps through and gets enough sleep in
6. The parents and the Nanny? Super happy because they sleep enough!
7. No more diaper changes at night as well? Amazing!
8. Our house has more laughter, more relaxing times and better quality time available
9. Claudine’s support is amazing and her attention to detail is great. She does not miss anything!

DON’T HESITATE TO BOOK CLAUDINE - if you think that they torture people by keeping them awake - then only will you realise that sleep is the same importance as your lungs or stomach. Many babies get wrongly diagnosed with colic because of bad sleeping habits. The only thing I am sorry about is that I did not have Claudine earlier in to help!!

Dora; Connor 4 months

I am a new mom, and of course, we didn't knew what to do and how to do it. We were so tired when my my little baby started to wake up at night more than he used to ...because we are new parents we didn't knew how and when to put him to nap.  We were tired all the time and by we I mean even the baby. Thank God I found Claudine and she changed everything. I even have time to shower, do my makeup. clean the house and cook. before my friends would come over so I can shower https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/t4c/1/16/1f642.png" width="16"/>:))) (no joke!) she is very knowledgeable and kind, she can adjust your needs and be there for you. honestly if u want to ever sleep again... you need her. plus my baby is way more happy and energetic after we finish the training. Thank you Claudine. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 


Amanda; Myla 9 months

Sweet Dreams were promised and Claudine delivered above and beyond our expectations. We had almost reached breaking point with sleeping issues our youngest daughter was having at approx. 8-9 months old and thought that we would have to carry on and suffer in silence... that was until we worked with Claudine and her sleep training program. I cannot recommend her and her expertise enough. We were given a personal plan tailored to us and our baby and supported every step of the way, including the times when I thought a full night's sleep was still unreachable, Claudine was there to keep us motivated to continue. We can now proudly and honestly say that we have had no issues at all since completely the short program and it has been well over six months now. Once again, I cannot recommend Sweet Dreams and Claudine enough and we're so grateful for all her help!

Aline; Benjamin 9 months

Same as many other mums, I thought I know best how my 18 month old get some sleep. Especially because my older one would be a good sleeper from 5 month on. But we were desperate for a night sleep.
I heard from a friend about this sleep training and I have to say it was a 100% success. Within a few days, being very consistent, my little boy would sleep all night.
Before the training we would struggle getting my boy to bed and would get up between 2-6 times a night and the morning would start at 5:00.
Since the Sleep training I kiss my little one good night and he sleeps all night till 6:00 in the morning. We got our life back! We are so very thankful for the help we have received and should have done this much earlier.
Thank you. 

Primose; Pippa 7 months

I was recommended Claudine by a friend and she was the best thing we did! Within three days a napping routine was established which then led into 12 hour sleeps. Her methods are structured but easy to follow and she’s always on hand to answer questions when things aren’t quite going to plan. Totally recommend her!!! 

Yata; Milin 4 months

I was one of the mums who don't like the "cry out sleep training".. However when my baby reached 3 months old, she becomes more demanding and very difficult to sleep on her own. It took me at least 45 mins to put her to sleep (nap and bed time)... I used to run up to rescued her soother that fell out from her mouth!! Im so glad that I met Claudine who recommended by my friend. She is fantastic and so caring. She explained and coach us so well and very easy to understand and adapting to each baby.. I highly recommend her and your life will be easier!! :) 

Naomi; Faris 9 months

Claudine is a sanity saver! Sleep deprivation is a killer and, at 9 months, our son was waking multiple times in the night. He was also being rocked to sleep and only having short naps in the day and just generally not having enough sleep. The sleep deprivation was affecting the whole family. Within days of starting the plan Claudine provided us, he was sleeping though the night and within a week, he was napping for longer and of his own accord. Honestly the best money I ever spent; you can’t put a price on sleep (and sanity!)

Imran & Nada; Mohamed 9 months

If there was one child who we thought could not be sleep trained it would be our 9 month old son. His sleeping was unbelievable. He was waking up every 45 min at night and never slept for more than 15 min during the day so you can imagine our skeptism when we decided to go ahead with the training. The results of Claudine's programme has been nothing short of a miracle. He now sleeps throughout the night and has two 90 min naps during the day. We even carried out the programme whilst our son was suffering from a few allergies which were irritating him. If you follow her programme meticulously I can almost guarantee it will work. Thank you so much Claudine.


Lindsay; Zach 7 months

We had a great sleeper from 7 weeks and were lucky enough to have not had to endure the terrible fatigue of sleepless nights for very long, until we hit 4 months and then it all went downhill. Our baby boy got a cold which meant many night wakings, and from that point onwards he barely slept through the night again. Initially it was just one wake and gradually there were more and more. By the time we reached 7 months I had had enough and decided I was ready to do anything to sort things out and get some rest for me and my son. He was not sleeping through the night, and was also having very short naps. We were having to rock and jiggle and pace his room to get him to sleep every time. I had read up on techniques to improve his sleep, but nothing seemed to work and I just didn't feel confident that I was doing it right. Claudine was recommended by MANY moms I had asked so I got in touch. She responded very quickly and with such reassuring words! PHEW! I could have things on track within a week!! AMAZING! We met up and Claudine explained everything very clearly and it just made sense, she prepared me for some "difficult" times, but I was ready. Turns out it wasn't difficult at all and my baby responded SO well to the methods she uses. We started immediately and on the FIRST NIGHT he slept through. I have not had to help him to sleep since then. He will occasionally wake for a minute or two in the night, but I feel calm and confident because he just puts himself back to sleep. It is magic. His naps are also improving everyday, he puts himself to sleep within minutes and is also extending into longer naps(an hour or more) which means he is moving onto his two nap schedule that he should be on at his age. It also means that mommy gets a bit of time to herself!! I cannot recommend Claudine and her methods enough, best money I ever spent! And if I had known this before, I would have sleep trained so much sooner. Follow her guidelines and your child will be sleeping like a champ in no time!  Claudine is also so approachable and available. She was always there with reassuring words when I needed some help or encouragement. She would trouble shoot any difficulties we had with naps and made me feel confident! 😊 

Celine, Matt & Max; 6 months

From the very first meeting, Claudine was incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and supportive. This was true throughout our entire sleep training ordeal. Our little one was incredibly strong willed and there were a few times we were ready to give up, but Claudine persuaded us to stay the course, and we are so happy we did. He now sleeps soundly through the night on most nights, and is napping for longer durations. The difference is absolutely amazing. We strongly recommend Claudine for anyone who has struggled with sleep training their baby! 

Luciana, Ryan & Benicio; 3 months

The result speaks for itself! After Claudine’s consultation, our 3 month old is sleeping 12 hours straight through the night and more than that - he is a happy baby!  The process works and having Claudine’s support to tailor the program made the difference and gave us the confidence to get our little one on a sleeping schedule. We couldn’t be happier now that we ALL sleep through the night and highly recommend the consultation!

Melinda & Zayne; 4 months

Wow what a difference Claudine made to not only my life, but our sons. I tried many online sleep schedules etc but none ever worked. No baby is the same as they say. Claudine tailored a sleep plan specifically for our son. She observed his sleep times etc to find why he was not sleeping well. I went from a baby that took 20 min naps and woke numerous times a night to one that takes minimum 1 hr naps and sleeps through the night.
I can not recommend her highly enough. Always there to help when things went wrong.
Thanks again Claudine, it’s been an absolute pleasure!! 

Dania & Jah; 20 months

Claudine saved my sanity, she was very easy to speak to and I knew when I was getting started on the sleep training that there wasn’t an inkling of pain or suffering for my child... She gave me the confidence I needed and she was there throughout supporting me everyday with updates and all. It’s mind boggling to think where I was and where I am now. My son is the happiest baby, no more crankiness and is thriving. Self soothing and sleeping through the night made a huge difference for all of us. I can’t recommend her enough! 

Erin & Elliot; 15 weeks

I 100% recommend Claudine Gillard!! After endless nights of waking up every 1-3 hours and dealing with a pacifier addicted baby.. I reached out to Claudine and what a life saver she has been! After just four days of working with her and implementing a few changes, my little guy was sleeping through the night 10-11 hours and no longer used a pacifier!! My husband and I got our life back and were able to function again! A big change we noticed was how much happier our baby was during his awake time.. and we thought he was a happy baby before this! To all the moms out there.. don’t pull your hair out over sleep issues.. call Claudine early on!