Yata & Milin; 4 months

"Your life will be easier!!"

  I was one of the mums who don't like the "cry out sleep training".. However when my baby reached 3 months old, she becomes more demanding and very difficult to sleep on her own. It took me at least 45 mins to put her to sleep (nap and bed time)... I used to run up to rescued her soother that fell out from her mouth!! Im so glad that I met Claudine who recommended by my friend. She is fantastic and so caring. She explained and coach us so well and very easy to understand and adapting to each baby.. I highly recommend her and your life will be easier!! :) 

Naomi & Faris; 9 months

"You can't put a price on sleep (and sanity!)"

Claudine is a sanity saver! Sleep deprivation is a killer and, at 9 months, our son was waking multiple times in the night. He was also being rocked to sleep and only having short naps in the day and just generally not having enough sleep. The sleep deprivation was affecting the whole family. 

Within days of starting the plan Claudine provided us, he was sleeping though the night and within a week, he was napping for longer and of his own accord. 

Honestly the best money I ever spent; you can’t put a price on sleep (and sanity!)

Imran, Nada & Mohamed; 9 months

"The results of Claudine's programme has been nothing short of a miracle"

If there was one child who we thought could not be sleep trained it would be our 9 month old son. His sleeping was unbelievable. He was waking up every 45 min at night and never slept for more than 15 min during the day so you can imagine our skeptism when we decided to go ahead with the training. 

The results of Claudine's programme has been nothing short of a miracle.

He now sleeps throughout the night and has two 90 min naps during the day. We even carried out the programme whilst our son was suffering from a few allergies which were irritating him. 

If you follow her programme meticulously I can almost guarantee it will work. Thank you so much Claudine.

Luciana, Ryan & Benicio; 3 months

"Our 3 month old is sleeping 12 hours straight through"

The result speaks for itself! After Claudine’s consultation, our 3 month old is sleeping 12 hours straight through the night and more than that - he is a happy baby!  

The process works and having Claudine’s support to tailor the program made the difference and gave us the confidence to get our little one on a sleeping schedule. 

We couldn’t be happier now that we ALL sleep through the night and highly recommend the consultation!

Melinda & Zayne; 4 months

"I cannot recommend her highly enough"

Wow what a difference Claudine made to not only my life, but our sons. 

I tried many online sleep schedules etc but none ever worked. No baby is the same as they say. 

Claudine tailored a sleep plan specifically for our son. She observed his sleep times etc to find why he was not sleeping well. I went from a baby that took 20 min naps and woke numerous times a night to one that takes minimum 1 hr naps and sleeps through the night.
I cannot recommend her highly enough. Always there to help when things went wrong.
Thanks again Claudine, it’s been an absolute pleasur

Matthew, Madeline & Scarlett; 18 months

“We were able to break several bad habits at once”

I could see no light at the end of the tunnel until I met Claudine! She is very professional and knowledgeable but also very supportive, reassuring and relaxed. 

Claudine was able to adapt her strategies quickly and effectively when my daughter wouldn’t co-operate. We were able to break several bad habits at once and my toddler is now sleeping through the night and taking full naps. 

I cannot recommend Claudine highly enough!

Anna, Eloise & Henry; 3 years & 13 months

“So kind, patient & supportive”

Claudine has been a life saver! I needed help prior to welcoming the expected third little addition to our family.

We started with my 14mth old, his sleeping had gone completely off track since being sick at 9 months & then I started back at work. I was at that point up 4x a night with him putting him back to sleep, in any way possible. 

We were completely resolved within 2 weeks from Claudine’s visit, & he now sleeps through from 6.30pm until min 6am every single night.

My 3yr old daughter was next & was a little tougher however still achieved a fantastic result. Within 2 weeks she was in a clear routine & understood what it was to go to bed around 6.30pm every evening & stay in bed until min 6.15am in the morning.

We have now been getting a full night’s sleep every night for a few months & are fully prepared for our next addition.

Thank you Claudine for being so kind, patient & supportive. Highly, highly recommend Claudine’s services!

Monique & Claudia; 22 months

“Finally we had a game plan we were both behind”

Claudine helped us with our almost 2 year old when we had been off course for a few months and just couldn't figure out what was going wrong. Difficult to settle, lots of tears, nightly wakings, we were all miserable.

Claudine spoke to me the day I reached out to her, I had a simple and easy to implement plan not long after, and within 3 days we were back on track and (despite having read lots of books!) it seemed so obvious now what we had been getting wrong for my daughter - but without Claudine's calm, warm-hearted and sensible advice we simply wouldn't have 'got it'.

The best thing about speaking to Claudine was that 'doing something' to sort our sleep out was actually very easy, not traumatic for us or our daughter and finally we had a game plan we were both behind - not trying to guess each night on the fly whether doing this or that would help or set us up for more problems... it was such a relief to be told what to do!

Highly recommended. Best money we have spent!

Sarah Jane, Damien & Elliana; 9 months

"Thank you for making such a huge difference"

We can’t thank you enough. Thank you for making such a huge difference to our life as a little family. 

Ines & Leonardo; 13 months

"Sleep training is one of the most important legacies that you can teach to your child"

Sleep training is one of the most important legacies that you can teach to your child. It's essential for her well being, as well for the rest of the family.

It doesn't always comes naturally and is not always easy. Whoever is on that path knows the importance of having help during the process. 

Hiring a sleep trainer consultant as Claudine can make your life much easier. Not only because she is highly knowledgeable and experienced, but also she is somebody that you can trust and rely on. Claudine is easily reachable and helpful. Her services are vast and accommodates every issue. The methodology is gentle and adaptive to your child's needs.

Even though I sleep trained my child for a while, Claudine's help came in the right moment so I could finally solve the last piece of the sleep puzzle.

It was a pleasure working with Claudine and I recommend her services as sleep coach to any person that is struggling on the sleep training path, or simply wants to improve or know more about this subject. Thank you Claudine.

Aïssatou, Massar & Alpha; 3 years

"Sleep training was life-changing for our family"

Hiring Claudine as a sleep consultant was life-changing for us. Our toddler started to come into our bed at night when he was 19 months even after many attempts to walk him back he persisted. After a while, we capitulated and co-slept. We believed we had reached a point of non-return (everyone sleeping in its bed). Claudine is an amazing skilled sleep consultant. She listened to us and came up with a tailored sleep plan for our 3-year old toddler. Everything we previously discussed was taking into consideration. Her methodology involved a concrete action plan that was easy to implement in a timely manner. 
By following the routine she designed, it took 10 to 12 days for our child to settle down and sleep through the night. I still want to emphasize that the first 10 days were not easy but Claudine was very supportive. We were in touch every weekday and she adjusted the sleep plan according to whatever we reported to her.  Again, this sleep training was life-changing for our family. Bedtime has become an enjoyable moment, stress-free with no cries. We are so grateful. Without the professionalism, support, and kindness of Claudine, we would  probably never got this result. As parents, it is important to be consistent and persistent and most importantly call for external support when needed. 
“Happiness consists of getting enough sleep. Just that, nothing more.” — Robert A. Heinlein