Happy parents, happy children


Katie & Glen; George 5 months

George was 5 months old when we finally decided we needed some support to aid his sleep. I had been scrawling the Internet in need of answers with little luck when Claudine popped up on Facebook and I messaged straight away. It was the best decision we've made. Claudine provided us with the tools and support George needed for George to have a restful night. As new parents having someone guide and explain George's sleep habits has been invaluable. George went from waking up hourly to only waking up once in the night for a feed. He has learnt to sleep well without the aid of his milk or dummy. Happy baby and delighted parents. Thank you Claudine 

Deb & Ross; Noah 20 months

We are so happy with his progress and never thought we would have come so far so quick. I personally feel like I have got myself back and the parenting has become much more balanced between myself and my husband. It's opened up time and energy for me to get back into exercise and things that are important to me. Thanks so much! x  

Renee; Suvi & Zara; 18 months

Working with you has honestly changed our household & I feel much more in control!  For now, the sleep factor is better than ever. I can't thank you enough. Let's keep in touch! Xx

Beth & Steven; Harry 11 months

I cannot recommend this sleep plan enough and we are so glad that we made the decision to go ahead with it. We were becoming desperate and knew something needed to be done but didn't know how to go about it. Claudine was fantastic in helping us to understand the steps we needed to take, was fully supportive, keeping in touch every day to keep us on track, offer advice and spur us on. The program really does work, as long as you stick to the steps and remain consistent. Our son, Harry, (11 months at the time) went from falling asleep with milk and then waking at least 3 or 4 times each night and needing milk to go back to sleep, to falling asleep on his own and sleeping through almost every night without needing any milk. He now just lies down and goes to sleep when he's put in his cot at night. As a breastfeeding mum who always resorted to nursing to settle my children as babies, this was absolutely amazing!! Not only do we all sleep better, but my husband can now put Harry to bed and deal with him in the night if he does wake, whereas in the past it always had to be me. This is liberating for me, but also very empowering for my husband, who used to feel pretty helpless in this situation. I was hesitant to do any kind of 'sleep program' as I have never wanted to leave my children to cry or put them through anything that would be stressful or traumatic for them, but this program isn't like that. It is very gentle and you are always there, present, with your child as they learn to get to sleep without your help. It was worth every penny.

Trevor & Mel; Nate 7 months

We didn’t know what to do and who to turn to for advice. Google was great for dozens of different methods, techniques and advice that just reading kept us awake more than the little man. We were provided Claudine’s details and our sleepless nights transformed within days of working with her. Our little man became a much more settled sleeper and within 5 nights he had gone from struggling to fall asleep and waking countless times to sleeping through the night. As a result of Claudine’s wonderful advice and approach, we learnt ways to help our son sleep more soundly, and Claudine was always on the other end of the phone to chat and talk things through when the little man deviated from his sleep pattern. It was such a positive process for us and we are so happy our little man is always well rested and full of the energy to get him through the day. Thank you for everything Claudine.   

Martina & Yves; Twins; 25 months old

Claudine was recommended in one of the mums forums on facebook and out of curiosity I contacted her. I am not a strong believer in sleep training (tried before and did not work after a while), and also very reluctant to the crying it out approach. However, having twins of two years who were born extremely prematurely and thus brought a lot of issues with them from day one, we have been suffering for two years to sleep through the night. We had a very strict routine from the start and did not understand why they possibly would wake up multiple times at night. Ok, they were sick a lot and this totally troubled our routine but we managed to get back to it.
After another sick period we ended up with one twin in our bed, having to fall asleep next to her for 45 minutes until she falls asleep, rocking the other one in his room for one hour until he collapsed. This was not tolerable anymore and so I contacted Claudine.
She visited us a few days after already, inspected the sleeping rooms of the kids and had a long conversation with us about their behaviour and routines. We received a detailed tailor-made plan the very next day and started sleep training right away. It was tough, because we had to get rid of a few bad habits we had introduced, and there WAS crying, but we were always present and comforting. After the second night they fell asleep by themselves within 10 minutes, by day 4 it was 5 minutes and on day 6 we put them down, said good night and left. Since that day both kids are sleeping 11-12 hours at night (straight!) and 1-2 hours in the afternoon. I still cannot believe the change in our lives, the free time for me and the fresh feeling in the morning of having slept a full night!
This training was worth every single Dirham (and we have two kids, so it was a bit more than usual), and I would do it anytime again.
Even after our training finished and we experienced some hickups a few weeks later, Claudine was always available via phone, whatsapp or email to give advice and save the situation. She is an exceptional sleep trainer with lots of experience and I cannot recommend her enough!