Newborn Babies

Newborn baby sleep training programme. Help for tired parents in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

1,800 AED / £400

I will teach you all you need to know to pass on healthy sleep habits to your little one that will benefit them for years to come.  Laying the foundations now will ensure, once they are mature enough, they will sleep through the night easily and happily.  

This consultation lasts 1.5 hours and with a further 3 weeks of support during which time we will cover:-  

  • What to expect when it comes to sleep for newborns, switching your baby's internal clock from night to day, and soothing those crying peaks - tackling everything gracefully with minimal tears
  • Custom schedules and routines 
  • Suggestions for creating a favourable sleep environment that everyone is comfortable with
  • Tips on nap amounts, extending night sleep and newborn soothing techniques  

The purpose of the newborn sleep consultation is to educate you about sleep for newborns and give you the tools to guide your newborn towards healthy sleep habits from a young age. 

This is not intended to help newborns sleep through the night and some newborns will not be ready to do this until they are older than 12 weeks and have progressed developmentally.

Babies aged 3-18 months

Baby sleep consultant in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, gentle sleep training for infants in the UAE

2,500 AED / £500

From around 6 months most children can sleep through the night - I will guide you in helping your baby learn the necessary skills to put themselves back to sleep.  The infant consultation tackles everything from poor napping to frequent night wakings, early rising before 6am, night weaning to unwanted co-sleeping, even soothing your child without being rocked/walked to sleep.  With my help your baby will learn to love their sleep and sleep environment, and we will achieve this through positive reinforcement, gentle, firm and fair techniques.  

This package includes:-  

  • Review together your Sleep Questionnaire (provided by me) in detail and get to know one another  
  • Analyse current sleep environment and decide on a favourable place that everyone is comfortable with
  • Tips on techniques to lengthen naps and night sleep
  • Discuss age-appropriate daily routines/schedules 

By the end of our consultation, you will be prepared to implement your customised Sleep Plan, while being completely comfortable with the techniques for assisting & coaching your child to sleep to put themselves to sleep at bed/naptime, and back to sleep during any night wakings or sleep regressions.  

 I will be on hand to support you for 2 weeks via email, Skype, text or phone. 

Toddlers & Older Children aged 18 months- 10 years

Toddler sleep problems, sleep training for toddlers and older children in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

2,500 AED / £500

Has bed time become a dreaded time? Do you battle with your child over their naps? Have you transitioned your child to a bed but you often get a night time visit from them? 

I will show you how to tackle the unhelpful sleep associations your child has acquired which will serve him/her for a lifetime.  

The highlights of this service are:-

  • A preliminary evaluation.  This allows me to fully understand your child's sleep habits and from this I can make appropriate recommendations for change
  • During our consultation we will discuss your child's customised sleep plan and how best to implement this 
  • Where you might find obstacles or resistance from your child and how to deal with these in a compassionate way to achieve the desired outcome
  • Advice on transition from crib/cot to bed

Half Night Support

Sleep training and bedtime routine support for parents in Dubai and Abu Dhabi via home visit.

5,000 AED / £1,000

For clients that want me to be present when they implement the plan for the first time I can be on hand to support and guide you through the early stages and answer all your questions as they arise. 

This service involves a visit to your home before bedtime so I can prepare you fully for the steps you need to take to a successful first night.

I will stay with in you until you are confident to take things forward alone.

Other Sleep Support Services

Help for tired and exhausted mums in Dubai with baby's sleeping habits and bedtime routines.

Troubleshoot With Me - 300 AED / £65

For children 0-6 years old.  For clients interested in one area of assistance regarding sleep (new residence sleep, vacation sleep, daycare sleep, sleep regression help, new sibling, etc.) with a child that sleeps fairly well already at night/naps who has developed a minor sleep issue.  

You will receive a verbal sleep action plan, however no physical support is included. 

This package is available as a 30-minute phone call with one follow up email.

Maintenance Package - 500 AED / £100

Available to all clients after services rendered that covers either an HOUR face to face HOME visit or FOUR follow up emails over the course of one year on subjects of their choosing.

Additional Hourly Support - 300 AED / £65

Additional hours can be added to any of my gentle sleep training programme detailed above.

Advice Line

Baby and child sleep training advice and tips for exhausted parents in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

500 AED / £100

If you’re getting ready to embark on sleep training and just need some ideas or tips to help you get going on your own, this is the service for you. Or, if you are in the midst of sleep training your child and just have a few questions or need guidance to help stay the course, I can help you. Sign up for a private one-on-one call with me and I can give you some valuable tips and answer questions that you may have about your child and what is going on with their sleep. 

This service is great for parents who have already done some sleep training with their child, but are looking for some improvements or need to make some adjustments, but don’t know where to start. With some basic information about your current situation, I will be able to help you get back on track or implement some changes that will improve your current sleep situation.

45 Minute Call Advice Line Package 

  • A  comprehensive questionnaire will be emailed to you about your baby's sleep habits and routines that you will complete prior to our call
  • Private 45 minute consultation - we will discuss strategies for implementing healthy sleep practices for your baby, including sleep expectations, developmental milestones involving sleep, and allow opportunities to discuss sleep-related topics as it pertains to your baby and family needs
  • You will receive one follow up email over the course of the following week, checking in to see how things are going and discuss any further questions or thoughts you may have about your child's sleep

Is Sleep Training Right For Me & My Child?

Sleep training programmes by a certified sleep consultant in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offering gentle sleep training advice and consultancy for exhausted parents

How do I know if sleep training is for us?

I often hear "is this a programme for me, does my family need a sleep consultant, is my baby ready for sleep training"? 

Take a minute and consider these few questions - do you see yourself and your child in any of these scenarios?

  • Does  your child only fall asleep when nursing or bottle feeding?
  • Are  your child's naps short in length or infrequent in occurrence?
  • Does your child need a pacifier or soother in order to fall asleep?
  • Are you waking up with your child once or more during the night?
  • Does your child need to be rocked, bounced or taken on a car or stroller ride to fall asleep?
  • Is your own lack of sleep starting to take its toll on you and your family?​

If any of this sounds familiar, then I can help you. 

Working closely with you and your family, I will thoughtfully develop a personalised sleep programme for you and your child taking into account your lifestyle, your child's nutrition and their current sleep habits both through the day and at night to create the best programme to get your child, and you, sleeping through the night.

Still Unsure?

Don't worry, I offer a free 15 minute sleep evaluation call to discuss your child's sleep training needs. Contact me now and let's talk this through. 

Call me on +971 (0) 54 333 6605 or email me at, or...